Adolescent Therapist

Family Counselor

The teenage years are a confusing time for many people. As the body and mind grow, the transition is often accompanied with big life changes that can adversely affect the mental well being of the teen. At Theresa McMorrow, LCSW, we offer an adolescent therapist to help students and young adults learn to cope and grow past depression, anxiety, and other mental stresses. Learning coping mechanisms at an early age creates life long results, and a psychotherapist can help learn what works best for each patient.

Some mental disorders manifest during adolescence or are worsened by the hormonal changes that take place at this time. At Theresa McMorrow, LCSW, we offer compassionate professional treatment for many different mental issues. For example, you can visit us in Newtown, CT for quality depression, anxiety, and addiction treatment. Our depression treatment aims to help the patient live a long, healthy, and productive life.

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