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Psychotherapy refers to any session in which a trained and professional psychotherapist helps one or more patients through any psychological issues. The ultimate goal is to help the patients feel better about themselves, and be able to better function in society.

This is exactly what Theresa McMorrow, LCSW wants to do for you. We have years of clinical psychological experience in evaluating and treating those suffering from various of disorders. We commit to understanding the human experience and helping clients achieve more of the life they want has led us to pursue advanced training as a family counselor as well as a marriage counselor.

We attempt to treat specific problems with which the patient is dealing and our counseling service has remained a compassionate, comfortable space for clients of all kinds. Specific concerns can also be addressed over the course of the treatment. Theresa McMorrow, LCSW offers therapy services for situations ranging from depression to stress management.

We also provide personal therapy to those who want to overcome the demons fighting them, whether it be depression, anxiety, or trauma.

If you feel that you or a loved one would benefit from scheduling an appointment with a quality adult and adolescent therapist, contact us at Theresa McMorrow, LCSW in Newtown, CT today.

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